Quality service since 1980

Entretien Industriel Rovan Ltée is a service company specializing in industrial cleaning, container rental of dry, waterproof, filtering or decanting materials and in the management and transportation of residual and hazardous materials.


In 1980, Entretien Industriel Rovan Ltée was founded by Jean-Paul Roy, owner and CEO of a construction company, following a request from the industries in the region to comply with the new law on environment quality; a law addressing, inter alia, the environmental sanitation with the management of residual and hazardous materials in industrial settings (treatment, recovery, reclamation).

In 1982, following its studies – B.Sc. in Microbiology and Master’s degree in Environment – Jacques Roy, son of Jean-Paul Roy, joins the team at Entretien Industriel Rovan Ltée as CEO. Jacques Roy also serves as an advisor to leaders of environmental industries in the region.

In 2005, Jacques Roy becomes sole owner of Entretien Industriel Rovan Ltée and assumes full management of the company, overseeing its development.

In 2007, Jacques Roy passes away and bequeaths the business to his spouse, Michèle Lefebvre, then Communications Coordinator and Quality Manager at Entretien Industriel Rovan Ltée.

Michèle Lefebvre holds a Bachelor of Arts with a specialization in Communications from the University of Montreal. She works with major Montreal-based companies before teaming up with Entretien Industriel Rovan Ltée in order to structure the communications and implement the company’s accreditation to ISO, a standard that guarantees the client with quality service.

In 2012, Entretien Industriel Rovan Ltée is continually working to improve in its industry through research, training and acquisition of new and increasingly efficient equipment in order to remain a leader in industrial cleaning. Rovan is the definition of experienced staff; a team dedicated to its clients and proud to belong to a company that is known, recognized and reliable.


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