Quality service since 1980

Entretien Industriel Rovan Ltée offers several types of cleaning:

  • Vacuum pumping,
  • Pressurized activities (high, low, hot water),
  • Work in confined spaces with / without an air intake system,
  • Emergency response,
  • Rehabilitation of contaminated sites,
  • Management of hazardous materials,
  • Container service,
  • Transportation.

ROVAN is able to respond quickly to equipment failures or accidental spills involving hazardous materials. ROVAN also provides a rehabilitation service of contaminated sites:

  • Analysis and characterization
  • Soil excavation
  • Transportation of contaminated soil

ROVAN is able to provide onetime and / or regular services to its clients located in the Greater Montreal, Quebec, Ontario and the Eastern Provinces. ROVAN works with multidisciplinary and competent employees. ROVAN works alongside a team that follows high standards in terms of health and safety at work. The Rovan team has accredited training in health and safety; a training based on the work environment’s analysis, the technicalities of the work equipment and material and the personal protective equipment, first aid, WHMIS, transportation of hazardous materials, emergency response and health and safety guidelines of the client company. In addition, upon the client’s arrival at the site, the Rovan team asks him for an analysis of the potential problems and specific risks related to the project

. logo-certifieEntretien Industriel Rovan Ltée is accredited to ISO 9001 : 2008. conteneur1nettoyage-industriel1


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