Quality service since 1980

Entretien Industriel Rovan Ltée has different types of pressure units, depending on the nature and density of the product.

Entretien Industriel Rovan Ltée possesses, among others, a high-pressure unit that can go up to 25,000 PSI and can make 3-4 people work on various industrial equipments.

Cleaning with a pressure unit :

  • manufacturing processes lines and pipes,
  • indoor, outdoor and underground tanks,
  • infrastructures,
  • walls,
  • industrial process equipments,
  • boilers,
  • chimneys,
  • sewer lines.
  • cooling systems,
  • basins,
  • tanks,
  • bridges and viaducts.
  • spilled liquids on the ground.
  • and others.

To find out more about services and equipments provided by Entretien Industriel Rovan Ltée, please contact us by calling 450-429-5755 or 1-855-429-5755.


A high pressure pump among the most powerful in Quebec: 25 000 psi, between 45 and 60 gal. 4 simultaneous operators.


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