(single or double roll-off truck, tank truck, semi-trailer)

Entretien Industriel Rovan Ltée goes onsite and / or provides transportation of industrial wastes (liquid, solid or muddy) and / or hazardous materials to a duly authorized site for their disposal, treatment, recovery and reuse.

The quantity and condition of the substance will determine its mode of transportation.

By :

  • Vacuum tank truck
  • Tank truck
  • Container on Single Roll-Off truck or B-train
  • Palettes or barrels on semi-trailer

Load capacities vary depending on the type of transportation, product and packaging.

  • Vacuum tank truck = kg
  • Tank truck = kg
  • Double roll-off truck = 62 500 kg
  • Single roll-off truck = 34 000 kg
  • Semi-trailer = 42 500 kg

The materials being transported are placed in duly authorized sites.The materials being transported are placed in duly authorized sites.

To find out more about services and equipments provided by Entretien Industriel Rovan Ltée, please contact us by calling 450-429-5755 or 1-855-429-5755.


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